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Rural Transformation Technology Center (RTTC)


We believe technology is an enabler for change—to empower rural communities and create positive outcomes. With the Rural Transformation Technology Centre (RTTC), we aim to harness technological innovations to deliver our services in a better, faster, and economical manner. RTTC leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to strengthen program efficiency and sustainability. We aspire to scale our solutions using technology with relevance, to make bigger strides as a step towards rural transformation.

RTTC is equipped with customized software to extract geospatial intelligence to inform, guide and monitor rural activities. It has computation and communication devices that display operational data, dashboards, infographics, and telemetry data from various sources such as satellites, government data, IoT sensors, drones, etc.

Current Development

Streamlining the operational and logistical management of the Farm Pond program under our Agriculture Initiatives using satellite imagery to offer near real-time visibility of on-ground situations.

Deploys technological solutions during all stages of Farm Ponds:

  • Site-selection
  • Execution & real-time monitoring of construction
  • Impact assessment
  • Monitoring & evaluation
  • Geo-tagging

Technical Advisory Service empowering with data on trends and patterns from the field for better analytics:

  • Soil moisture
  • Cropping patterns
  • Weather and more
  • Hydrology


RTTC will play a crucial role in capturing the impact created by all our programs. This will be of utmost importance to our funders, grant-makers and partners in understanding & evaluating the impact of their social investments and making evidence-based decisions.



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Experience the power of digitization, automation & artificial intelligence for social good.