Deshpande Foundation

Trainings & Workshops



A skill-building initiative wherein MEs can develop their creative skills and learn from experienced trainers, with an option of certification.

63 Courses organized
991 No. of MEs who attended
Entrepreneurship Development & Training Programs (EDP)

Entrepreneurship Development & Training Programs (EDP)

A training program for MEs to help them develop business and social skills, including problem-solving, conflict management, leadership, bookkeeping, supply chain management and marketing.

290 No. of MEs who attended


Mega Utsav

A large-scale sales event organized by MEDP to serve as a marketing channel for micro-entrepreneurs and to help stimulate their income at a greater scale than Udyami Santhes.

Udyami Santhe

A marketing platform that facilitates exhibitions and sales of products through direct customer engagement. Udyami Santhes help MEs reach a larger customer base and understand its evolving demands.

Canopy Santhe

A canopy marketplace – MEs’ products are stocked up in a mobile van and set up with a canopy –organized in various locations with high footfall.

Corporate Santhe

Santhes organized in corporate spaces. Potential corporate workspaces and campuses are identified and their managements are approached with an appeal to allow MEs to set up stalls.

Total sales through above market channels: ₹3.35 crore.

Other Services



Connecting MEs to industry experts for one-on-one support and guidance.

55 No. of sessions


A program aimed at helping MEs develop their businesses by linking them to relevant financial institutions and services.

₹ 2.37 crore Total credit
linkage achieved